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Update published mycaregivers via UM

Doctors are entering and leaving hospitals all the time. Keeping the published doctors up to date is time consuming


Implemented solution

It is possible to publish a list of riziv/inami and delete all previously published caregivers in one click.


Faster Messaging UI

In 7.2 the message screens could take long time to load when more then 100.000 messages are stored in the database.


Implemented solution

The queries for the messaging have been optimised.


Easy Upgrade

When there is an update available, the customer should see it and be able to do the update themselves.


Planned Solution

Users will see a header notification in the UI there is a new version available. Only Administrator users will be able to download the new version and perform the upgrade


Mybox Context Integration

Allow software to build in a view on mybox, but using the context of a patient.



Improve the search capabilities

There are quite some customers not able to pass on metadata on message level. This makes it difficult to find messages when a doctor calls.


Planned Solution

The Unified-Messaging will look up patient info in the sent messages. This will allow users to look for lastname, firstname and INSS.


Direct preview of H1 Messages

In order to see the content of a H1 message, a user needs to do to many unnecessary clicks.


Planned Solution

Clicking in the overview list of messages will show the content of the H1 message directly


Transcoding issues (previous meXi-Users)

The feedback session indicated there are some historic issues regarding the transcoding from GFOR to medidoc format, especially for labo analysis.


Planned Solution

We will rewrite the GFOR to medidoc transcoding, taking into account all received feedback


Message status

The current statusses are not always up to date, or do not give enough business info


Planned solution

As long as there is no general mechanism on ehealthbox for business statusses (for transport statusses there is already a mechanism) this cannot be fully solved. However in order to limit the number of possible issues, CareConnect will start using an embedded Hector Client somewhere in 2020. This will improve the status feedback.

CareConnect roadmap 2020

Transcoding: Resend triggers transcode

When a doctor has a new DMI and asks to resend messages in the new format, the message must be regenerated from the source again


Proposed Solution

The UM will store all source data (=data before transcoding) and will retranscode in the case of a resend



Allow a type of user that can see all messages but not the settings


Proposed Solution

Allow a new type of role: the messageadmin


Message auditing

Keep track of all users that previewed a message


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