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The mybox of big organisations contains a user management section. It is possible to add people into groups and to give them a specific role. This manual gives an overview of the different roles, some examples and some practical information how to create users & departments.

Overview of all roles 

Different roles can be assigned to the different users of Mybox.

A user of Mybox can be :  

  • Administrator 
  • User
  • Department Administrator 
  • Invoicing Clerk

Additionally you can assign a Riziv number or a department to the user. A User with a RIZIV number is typically a doctor, someone without a RIZIV number an employee (administrative, nurse, etc.).

In the table below , you can see which functionalities belong to each type of user. 




Only available for Mybox plugin license!*

Departement Administrator (no RIZIV)

Only available for Mybox plugin license!*

Invoicing Clerk (no RIZIV)

Only available for Mybox plugin and Mycarenet for labs/policlini license!*



RIZIV + Department




The general configuration

  • ehealth certificates
  • file API's
  • the ldap configuration
  • user management
  • dashboard (message volumes per channel and API)
  • Mycarenet invoice for labs



View and filter messages







Send, forward (multiple) and reply messages (free text and eforms)





hospitals: Recip-e

*only usable for recip-e subscriptions


Helena Onboarding

*only usable for Helena subscriptions

Performing an insurability check ?xx x

*Only hospitals using the 'kind en gezin oorscreening' flow are allowed to create users in the department deptnte without the Mybox plugin license.

Using mybox as administrator

The adminstrator takes care of the general configuration. The location of the files that need to be picked up, the ehealth certificate that needs to be replaced every 3 years, etcetera. The administrator can see all, but can not do all. Only caregivers with a inami/riziv can post prescriptions on recip-e. The following functionalities are available:

  1. The general configuration (ehealth certificates, file API's, the ldap configuration)
  2. The user management (managing the user accounts and how they will login)
  3. The dashboard (how many messages are sent on a daily basis, and via which API)
  4. The MyCarenet invoice flow for labs

Using mybox as user

A user has a riziv/inami number and/or belongs to minumum one department. The definition allows the following types of users:

noyesall messages directed to the configured departments
yesnoall messages directed to that riziv/inami.

all messages directed to the configured departments

all messages directed to that riziv/inami

nonoinvalid, may not be configured

Extra functionalities depending on the caregiving quality

Only qualities that are allowed by ehealth to use a certain ehealth services will be able to use see the mapping actions

  • recip-e: DOCTOR, DENTIST, MIDWIFE,...
  • mycarenet: DOCTOR, DENTIST,....
  • vitalink: DOCTOR, DENTIST,..

More details are available on

Using mybox as department administrator

The department admin can follow-up all messages to the departments he or she belongs to. Use the department tab to add extra departments.

Naming of departments should follow kmehr-specification:


Using mybox as invoicing clerk

The invoicing clerk can perform a check for a certain patient by providing his/her 'Rijksregisternummer or BIS' and a specified date in the past. The system will provide an answer from MyCarenet concerning the insurability for that patient on the requested date.

This role is more and administrative role without any further privileges.

Using mybox as message administrator - Deprecated

The message administrator is a person who is able to see all messages that are addressed to the organisation as a whole and not to an individual inside the organisation. This role can not configure anything, it is only allowed to 'assign' message to users or departments.

Mapping the real world to a user configuration

Although the mybox user management enables more actions than in the older versions, some scenario's are not possible. The table below shows you more specific situations and how each case can be configured (or not).

ActorWants toAdvised configuration
Caregiver with rizivsee all messages directed to myself within the organizationUser, with a subquality and rizivnumber
Caregiver with rizivsee all messages directed to myself within the organization and to my departmentsUser, with a subquality and a rizivnumber, registered in one or multiple departments
Administrative actorsee all messages directed to my department and the doctors inside itDepartment administrator, registered in one or multiple departments
IT or application Managermanage the Mybox applicationAdministrator
Administrative actorkeep track of messages that are not properly addressed and address them to a caregiver or departments inside my organizationNot possible in version 7.1
Caregiver with riziv

see all messages directed to myself within the organization and the ones of my department colleagues.

reply and send message as myself within the organization

Partial possible. Or you configure the user as department administrator without riziv (and have not the possibility to send something) or you configure the user as a "user" in department, but in that case you will not be able to see the messages that were adressed directly to the colleagues
Administrative actorsee all the messages of all doctors who I am working for. The doctors are not working in a departmentTry to position the doctors in departments and create a department administrator for these departments
Administrative actor in Lab or policlinicCan perform a check concerning a patient's insurability. This improves the quality level of invoicing and administrationInvoicing clerk.

Granting acces to a new user

  • Go to settings > user and departments
  • Choose the correct tab  (users or departments)
  • Click on the "+"-icon in the lower-right corner

The user creation screen

  • The printscreen below, shows a user belonging to one department "anesthesiology". 
  • If this screen does not show any departments, go to the departments tab in order to create them

RRN is mandatory and used to create an online profile of the user. This allows the mybox application to autosuggest fields like patient names, addresses and the most prescribed medication.

Bulk import - deprecated

Several users could be imported at the same time, this is done with a bulk import of a CSV–file. 

parameters: User name, Type, BIS, first name, last name, language, email, Quality, NIHII


Data Type



User name





User, Admin of Depadmin




Rijksregisternummer of BIS

RRN or Bis validation


First name




Last name














An existing ehealthbox quality for a person




11 numbers, no spaces,-, first 8 numbers should be unique. There can not be other caregivers with the same NIHI 


Verplicht als Quality ingevuld is



International number




To add more departments use delimiter ";"



Andries Demont, User, xxxxxxxxxxx, Andries, Demont, NL,, DOCTOR, 10050881001, +32474XXXXXX, anesthesiology:voedingsleer

The department creation screen

It is possible to create any kind of department. There are no limitations, however if you want to be inline with the ehealth standard you should use the IDs of departments as defined by the kmehr standard.

kmehr-specification for departments:

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