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  1. Log on into the user interface of UM (also known as MYBOX)

  2. Click on the left hand side on “Instellingen”, right hand side at Gebruikersbeheer “Wijzigen”

  3. Click bottom right at   to start the creation of a new user account.

      4. Choose one “user role” and complete the requested form

  • ADMINISTRATOR : Can perform all necessary tasks for labs (exchanging data, insurability, etc)
  • DEPARTMENTEN ADMINISTRATOR : not recommended for Labs
  • FACTURERINGSBEDIENDE: Can only consult “insurability”, impossible to exchange medical information
  • GEBRUIKER: Not recommended for Labs, user needs his own NIHII

       5. Save the new account by pushing this button 

       6. The new created should now be able to log on with the chosen username and password.

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